About Mellow Mama

Mellow Mama was founded by Victoria McManus in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire having being inspired to make a difference to the experiences of pregnant women after the birth of her first child.

During her pregnancy Victoria started researching the alternatives available to women who didn't necessarily want to give birth into a highly stressed, medicalised environment.

With a firm belief that women should be empowered to choose how to bring their baby into this world, Victoria opted for a home birth using HypnoBirthing (The Mongan Method) and found it was the perfect accompaniment to her first childbirth experience! One 9lb 4oz home-birthed daughter later and Victoria was a convert, ready to help other women achieve a calm, inspired birthing experience.

With a network of like-minded, friendly and experienced practioners across the UK, Mellow Mama is able to offer antenatal courses, childbirth education and new baby classes to women up and down the country.