Local Antenatal Classes

Upon finding out the exciting news that they're pregnant, most Mums-to-be will at some point, begin the search for a local antenatal group to join. Apart from hoping to educate themselves and their partners a bit more about the practicalities of childbirth, most pregnant ladies will happily admit the biggest reason they choose to join local antenatal classes to make new friends in order to be able to share their life-changing experience with. Indeed, years later, many lifelong bonds and friendships have been forged through experiencing the highs and lows with another friendly, understanding, non-judgemental Mum or Dad.

Many women will ask their friends, family (or even google!) the all important question: 'where are the antenatal classes in my area'? Mellow Mama offers local antenatal classes in a number of towns and cities across the UK.

To see the full list of areas we currently have experienced, honest, approachable, open-minded practitioners working, please take a look at the list below.

Antental Classes in Birmingham

Antenatal Classes in Brighton

Antenatal Classes in Bristol

Antenatal Classes in Cheltenham

Antenatal Classes in Leicester

Antenatal Classes in Leeds

Antental Classes in Liverpool

Antenatal Classes in London

Antenatal Classes in Milton Keynes

Antenatal Classes in Nottingham

Antenatal Classes in Stratford Upon Avon

Antenatal Classes in Worcester

If your nearest city is not shown on the list above, please get in touch with Mellow Mama anyway as we are always adding new practitioners to the Mellow Mama family and may well be able to help you! Just click here to send us a message.