What We Do...

Mellow Mama offers an exclusive selection of specially chosen services to help pregnant ladies experience a calm, inspired birth and introduce their new babies into the world in a gentle, loving way.

The Mellow Mama Selection of Hand-Crafted Pregnancy Classes & Baby Classes Include...

HypnoBirthing Classes

  • The Mellow Mama HypnoBirthing classes are made up of a course of 5x sessions, throughout which you will learn how it is possible to experience a calm, inspired birth. Pregnant Mums-to-be and their birth companions learn a tried and tested combination of relaxation, breathing, visualisation and deepening techniques to help them achieve a satisfying birth and a happy and healthy start for themselves and their new baby.

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Antenatal Classes

  • Whether you're a Mum-to-be for the first time, or already have a brood back home, attending antenatal classes can help boost your confidence during pregnancy, give you those all important pointers (or reminders for those second, or even third time around!) of what to expect at different stages of the birth, along with introducing you to a group of people going through exactly the same aches, pains and sleepless nights as you!

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Baby Classes

  • The Mellow Mama baby classes are designed to offer new Mums, Dads and babes a safe, relaxing place to heal, to bond, to be active and to have those all important pressing new baby questions answered in a friendly, non-judgemental environment. Our baby classes include newborn & infant first aid, breastfeeding support, baby massage classes along with Mother & baby yoga.

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