Who We Like... In Gloucestershire

This is a space for us to tell you who we love - therapists, practitioners, educators and just down right awesome people! So, read on and if you feel inclined - get in touch with them!

Jane Aucott - hands down, one of the best reflexologists and cranio-sacral therapists you will ever find - she's based in Cheltenham. Once you've met Jane, you'll see why Mellow Mama thinks she's so special...

Simon Spearing - pelvis out of alignment? bad back? aching shoulders? Simon works wonders using gentle (but so effective) McTimoney chiropractic techniques.

...And Some Great Online Resources

www.homebirth.org.uk - A wonderful resource for those considering a home birth

www.birthchoiceuk.com - Another fantastic site offering help choosing where to birth your baby, as well as lots of stats and info on births across the UK.

www.birthease.co.uk - The place online to purchase birth balls, birthing pools, maternity support belts, TENS machines and a whole lot more too!

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